Royal Rumble 2019: WWE takes a step towards intergender wrestling as Nia Jax enters men’s Rumble

Nia Jax took signature moves from Dolph Ziggler and legends Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio before being eliminated from the match by a sliding kick from Rey.

WWE superstar Nia Jax created history on Monday when she entered the Men’s Royal Rumble 2019 at number 30. With this Nia joined the likes of Chyna and Beth Phoenix as female superstars who have the distinction of stepping into the men’s rumble. Nia’s entrance was at number 30 but that was not before she attacked R-Truth, who was to be the 30th man in the match, from behind.

But the action did not stop there as Jax went on to stamp her authority in the ring and even eliminated Mustafa Ali. Usually in WWE, when men and women do not fight in the same matches together. When they do it is contested under Mixed Tag rules, where only wrestlers of the same gender are allowed to compete with each other. In those cases, intergender action does occur, but again, it’s usually women hitting men, played lightly.

But, Jax took the fight to all the men in the four-sqaure and also took signature moves from Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio before being eliminated by Mysterio.

Seeing how well she did here just might be opening up the door to more Intergender contests in the WWE moving forward.

This was Jax’s second Royal Rumble match on Sunday. She also participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble that took place earlier. Entering the ring as the 29th superstar, Jax eliminated Natalya and Bayley (in partnership with Charlott Flair). She was eliminated by Becky Lynch, whom she also punished by injuring her knee. A half-fit Becky would send Charlotte Flair out of the ring to win the match.