PM Modi in West Bengal: Didi,Why Are You Scared of Chowkidaar If You Did Nothing Wrong

Taking a swipe at the Trinamool Congress, PM Modi accused it of killing the aspirations of the middle-class people in West Bengal.

Thakurnagar: As PM Modi kick started the election campaign in West Bengal, he made a scathing attack on West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, saying that his fight against black money has scared many political leaders.

“The only reason that I am abused is because I work against black money and will not let them get away. Didi, what are you scared of?” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister reassured that the country has been cleansed of black money and corruption, “Even members of the most influential family of this country are having to knock on court doors for evading taxes. Those who fled are being brought back one by one,” he added.

Taking a swipe at the Trinamool Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused it of killing the aspirations of the middle-class people in West Bengal and said the ruling party in West Bengal is known for "triple T -- Trinamool Tolabaji Tax". ‘Tolabji’ roughly translates to an act of organized extortion. He accused Mamata of attempting to trample democracy.

“She should know it did not work then and it will not work now,” he said."The TMC is killing the people's aspirations but the Centre will fulfil their (people's) dreams," the prime minister said.The interim Budget presented in Parliament Friday is a reflection of the BJP government's policy of 'Saabka Saath Saabka Vikas', he said.

Modi also spoke about the income tax rebate, TDS for bank term deposits, earnings from second property among other budgetary provisions which, he said, will benefit the middle class.

He also took a swipe at the Opposition’s grand alliance. “Those who assembled in Kolkata had a frightened look on their faces because of this chowkidar. Those who were at each other's throats four years ago are now embracing each other,” PM Modi said.