PM Modi: Congress want Rafale deal canceled on whose behalf ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha alleges that the Congress party is opposing the Rafale fighter jet deal as it doesn't want the Indian Air Force to be strengthened.  

"Congress doesn't' want our Air Force to be strong. I am levelling a serious allegation here. You want this Rafale deal to be cancelled, on whose behest? For which company?" he said.

"In our neighbourhood, everyone is building war capabilities, why didn't we do it in all these years? This is criminal negligence."Congress doesn't want a strong Indian Air Force," he said.

Taking a swipe at the proposed grand alliance of opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi says in the Lok Sabha, "People have seen the work a government with an absolute majority can do. They have seen our work."

"They do not want a 'maha milavat' government of those who recently gathered in Kolkata,"he said amid uproar from the opposition benches.

The PM asked Congress to 'see your manifestos of 2004,2009 and 2014'. "In all the manifestos you have promised that within three years every house will have electricity. I am amazed at this," he said.

The PM sought to compare 'his 55 months' with '55 years of the Congress'."Gas connections in their 55 years of rule were 12 crore, it is 13 crore in our 55 months.