Emotional Sonali Bendre returns to the set after cancer treatment: It is a surreal feeling

Sonali Bendre returns to the sets after a long sabbatical and says its a surreal feeling to be back, and that she has a stronger sense of purpose now.

It came as a shock to Bollywood fans last year, when Sonali Bendre announced that she was suffering from high-grade cancer. She went to the US for treatment, and returned to India just a while ago.

Sonali has been determinedly keeping positive and in her words, is "switching on the sunshine" and taking one day at a time. The actress returned to the sets after a long time and said it was a 'surreal feeling'.

She wrote a post saying, "After all this, I sort of feel an additional sense of purpose and meaning and I'm so grateful to be back in action. I don’t think words would do justice to how beautiful it feels to be back at face the camera again and portray the range of emotions required. Given that my emotions have been running high for the last couple of months, it feels good to give into the emotions that the job requires. It's just the kind of day that helps me #SwitchOnTheSunshine #OneDayAtATime."

It was Sonali's birthday last month, and hubby Goldie Behl made sure the world knew what a strong person his wife was. He wrote, "Happy birthday Sonali! They say your partner needs to be your best friend, your sounding board, your mirror, your strength, your inspiration. You have been all that and more to me. 2018 was a tough year on you but I am so proud of the dignity and courage with which you handled it. Not only did you help me find my own strength, but you imparted that to every soul who followed your life closely. It is never easy to be at the receiving end and yet be so positive and spread so much love. Thank you for being the person you are.On your special day, I wish you all things wonderful, all things love, all things that bring a cheer to you through the year!"

Sonali has a young son, named Ranveer. Sonali shared the dilemma she and Goldie faced while breaking the news of her cancer to him. However, much to their relief, Ranveer displayed maturity beyond his years and "instantly became a source of strength and positivity" for Sonali.

"As much as we wanted to protect him, we knew it was important to tell him the full facts. We've always been open and honest with him and this time it wasn't going to be different. He took the news so maturely... and instantly became a source of strength and positivity for me. In some situations now, he even reverses roles and takes on being the parent, reminding me of things I need to do," the 43-year-old actress revealed